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Ricochet Magazine: September Edition

It’s here! The September edition of Ricochet Magazine is now available for download on our literary journal page.

Ricochet Magazine - September Edition - Cover


The September edition features…

On Place, Memory and Melancholy by Corrie Macdonald
After the Harvest by Eric Botts
Nobody Cares | Everybody Understands by Anna Knowles
A Session by Valentina Cano
Heaven by Ryan Favata
Bubble by Linda Brucesmith
You by Ciahnan Darrell
Hurricane by Charles Bane Jr.
Hot Parts of Town | Love for a Regular Night by Colin Dodds
Spanish Enthusiast of Erotica by Jordan Tammens
Remember by Martha Krausz
Alone by Wayne F. Burke
Disposals by Daniel Hedger
The Oldest Profession by Luke Peverelle
Wood by Valentina Cano
Automatic Houses | And Fingerprints Too by Trina Gaynon
Sometimes We Need to Swim by Alexander Drost
The Haze in the Smoke by Cindy Matthews
Grass Valley by Tayne Ephraim
Because Bathrooms Are Where We Talk Ourselves In and Out Of Things by Anna Knowles
Clarice Beckett by Ross Jackson
Cover Story by Sue Zueger
Driving by Dominic Stevenson
Under Your Feet by Darlene P. Campos
The Conduit by Chris Rowley
Musculoskeletal by Atheer Al-Khalfa

Artwork by W. Jack Savage and Weldon Sandusky.

Ricochet Magazine: May Edition

The May edition of Ricochet Magazine is now available for download on our literary journal page.

Ricochet Magazine - May Edition


The May edition features…

The Faraway Nearby (review) by Nick Gadd
Questions of Travel (review) by Victoria Nugent
Green Bench, Blue Church by Laura McPhee-Browne
Baby My Baby by Alexandra Scale
Small Claims by Kate Robin-White
TOUR LE MONDE (Degustation Menu) by Sasha Shtargot
Before School by Amber Dique-Bellette
The Least Spiritual Animal by Steve Brightman
Unusual Shapes by Steve Brightman
Take me Swimming by Natalie Harman
Blue Poles by Anthony Myraid
A Good Deed Has Its Own Reward by Annette Siketa
Disaster Song by Gregory Crosby
Fast Song by Gregory Crosby
[She] by Hannah Forrest
Sanctuary by Sarah Marchant
Two Oaks by Jocelyn Richardson
The Snow by Tyler Tsay
A Practical Bone by Laura McPhee-Browne

Ricochet Preview: Green Bench, Blue Church by Laura McPhee-Browne

This was the winner of our book pack for favourite Australian short story. 

Green Bench, Blue Church by Laura McPhee-Browne

The baby was in bed with her now. She had her arms around its impossibly tiny body and its warm head close on her belly. The girl, for she was only a girl and not a mother despite what the nurse had said, was cold and knew the baby would be too. She’d no heating in this flat, just piles of paper and clothes which she sometimes considered throwing into the fireplace and setting alight for the warmth. Instead she lay still and considered her heart. Imagined it inside her chest so still and strange. The baby was ten days old and the girl’s heart didn’t pulse for the baby. Though she would hold it close for now.


The girl had lived a sort of heady life – out of home at fourteen then heroin to show them, heroin to please him, heroin to pretend until now. She was so young and had known more about the bitumen than herself, how it melted in the Melbourne summer and stuck to her shoes as she sat, nodding near the park at midday. The girl’s shoes had electric yellow curly laces she had stolen from Big W near closing time on a Saturday night. They made her smile.

After two the girl got out from under the covers with a sweaty sheen on her chest. The baby was dribbling and felt too hot so she brought it to the sink for a sort of bath. She let the cool water drip through her fingers onto the baby’s belly button and fat kicking legs. The girl tried not to think about how she had felt before the baby was born, purple and red, from her vagina. The appointments at the clinic had begun each time on a ratty chair in the waiting room, her hands clasped over her big stomach and a pink smile on her face. Each appointment seemed more real than anything else and she loved the way the doctor would talk to her, soft and clear and exact, telling her about how her child was faring inside of her and what to expect upon birth. The warmth of her body from the baby inside had helped her to stop being sad and she thought that perhaps this was what she was going to be; a young and capable mother, wheeling her pram and cooing to her babe amongst the throng.

Read the rest of this story when Ricochet Magazine goes live at 12pm (AEST) on Monday May 19.


Laura McPhee-Browne is a social worker and writer of short stories and poetry from Melbourne, currently living in Toronto. Laura tweets micro-fiction daily @laurahelenmb.

Ricochet Preview: Baby My Baby by Alexandra Scale

This was the winner of our book pack for favourite Australian poem. 

Baby My Baby

Bunched up, blighted,
Clutched tight against
My breastbone.

This, our coveted life-light,
With finger clams,
Apple cheeks and
Glossy moon-eyes.

This, our tiny creation,
Apportioned to you—
Unwitting father.

This, our little
Love spawn.


Alexandra Scale is a keen word enthusiast studying a Master of Arts (Writing and Literature) at Deakin University. She is currently on exchange at the University of Iceland; you can catch up on all her wanderings and ramblings at

Our Book Pack Prize Winners

We’re hard at work on our next edition (mark it in your calendars – it all goes live on May 19!)

But first, we’d like to announce the winners of our book prize packs, which go out to the authors of our favourite Australian short story and poem. It was a tough decision, because we were really pleased and impressed by the overall standard of submissions. We’d like to thank everyone (both Aussies and overseas folk) who took the time to send something in.

Barney grinning

A big congratulations to our winners: 

Green Bench, Blue Church by Laura McPhee-Browne

Baby My Baby
by Alexandra Scale

You can expect to receive your snazzy book packs in the mail next week.

If you’d like to take a peek at the winning pieces, we’ll be posting excerpts before the magazine’s official launch on Monday May 19.

To everyone else who submitted short stories, poems and non-fiction, we’re in the process of finalising our feedback. If you haven’t heard back from us by early next week, please feel free to email us, or poke us with a very sharp stick.

Open for Submissions

Ricochet Magazine is open for submissions

We’re now accepting submissions! 

It’s on! We’re looking for innovative, daring and spectacular short fiction (up to 3,000 words), non-fiction, memoir, poetry, book reviews, photography and visual art for publication in our next issue.

If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to us your send pitches, questions and ideas and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible with our feedback.

Please send your work to The selections process can take some weeks, so be patient with us. Expect to hear back from us 3-4 weeks after the submissions closing date.

The authors of our favourite short story and poem will each receive a special book gift pack!*

*Please note that due to postage costs this will be offered to Australian submissions only.

Unfortunately we can’t afford to pay for all submissions at this stage, as much as we would like to. What we can offer is an opportunity to share your work with a wider audience and editorial mentoring as needed.

If your submission is unsuccessful, we will aim to provide you with in depth feedback as soon as we can (response time will depend on the number of submissions we receive).

The final magazine will be a downloadable PDF publication. Past editions are available for download here.

Deadline: Friday April 4, 2014

Ricochet Magazine – The Flashback Edition

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that The Flashback Edition is now ready to download on our literary journal page.

Escape the gloomy weather with our eclectic collection of short stories, poems, essays and artwork, because if Instagram has taught us anything, it’s that no one can resist a good retro theme.

We would like to thank everyone who made this edition possible – our contributors, our editors, and the artists and organisations who gave us shout outs on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Ricochet - The Flashback Edition


The Flashback Edition features… 

#132 – Melanie and the Baby-Sitters Club by Melanie Saward
Millennium by Ira McGuire
Cimetière des Innocents by Zenobia Frost
Cagney’s Understudy by Julie Demoff-Larson
Beat, Rhythm and Jazz by Nicola Cayless
Blackall’s Point by Zenobia Frost
The Statesman by Lena Smoot
On Yen by Stefan Schulz
Where The Heart Lies by Chris Rowley
When by Bronwen Manger
Hard Water by Rebecca Dempsey
Semaine by Nicola Cayless
Friday Night by Esther Levy-Fenner
A Soldier’s Return by Linda M Crate
Lillian by Amelia Jane Nierenberg