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Life After Voiceworks: Submitting for the Not-So-Young Emerging Writers

Dear fellow under-appreciated emerging writers,

Editors have it in for us don’t they? They all hate us, I bet. They see our name, wonder who the hell we are without an agent or a spot on the front page every second day and they throw our stories in the bin. This post is for you. This post is especially for the emerging writers with submissions so invisible that editors don’t even read them.

You see, if you’re over 25, your date of birth oozes out of your pores, pollutes the page with old and unaccomplished poison and renders the email or postal submission you sent out basically worthless.

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Emerging Writers Enter the Digital Spotlight

Almost two months ago now, I finally stepped into the next era in reading and literature when I purchased my first eInk digital reader, the Sony Reader Touch. I was waiting for a wide variety of devices to become available in Australia as well as a wide variety of books, but I suppose you could still call me an early adopter.

I was interested in the format and getting into digital reading from the perspective of a reader but also as an emerging writer. Whilst Australia still has a little way to go for the mainstream reader, the current climate provides opportunities for the emerging writer to get in first.

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