About Us

Ricochet is an online magazine for aspiring writers and artists, maintained by a group of creatives who want to give others online publishing opportunities.

Though our blog updates offer writing tips and publishing opportunities targeted at Australians in particular, our zine aims to showcase the voices and talents of contributors from all over the world.

Send any questions, including queries about advertising or materials for review, to the editors at ricochetmag@hotmail.com.


The Team

Emily Tatti is the founder and managing editor of Ricochet. She is passionate about creating publishing opportunities for emerging writers.

By day, she’s knee-deep in the corporate world as a writer, editor and social media manager, and by night, she’s what you might call a pop culture aficionado and bibliophile. She’s a book reviewer at Lip, and previously served on the editorial committee for Visible Ink. Her fiction and non-fiction has appeared in places like Offset, Killings and Junkee.

You can follow her on twitter @narrativekind or visit her website www.emilyjtatti.wordpress.com


Melanie Saward is a Brisbane-based writer, editor and marketer. Her fiction has been published in Ricochet100 Stories for QueenslandCorrupted ClassicsURL Love and Literary Mixed Tapes – From Stage Door Shadows. She’s a freelance proofreader for several publishing houses, a regular guest blogger at HarperVoyager, has been fiction editor for Ricochet since its inception, and recently started proofreading for the soon-to-be-launched Adore Pin Up Magazine.

Mel has a special interest in fiction and mentoring emerging writers. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading she can be found in the kitchen baking cupcakes and pretending she’s the next MasterChef.

You can contact her at littleredwrites@gmail.com or visit her website www.littleredwrites.wordpress.com


Mitchell Welch is a poet and writer from Melbourne via Brisbane. His poems and short stories have been published in Australian and international literary journals, and his poem ‘Stanwell Tops’ was awarded third prize in the 2013 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. He has studied literature, political science and creative writing, and is particularly interested in where these disciplines intersect.

During a recent residence at Old Parliament House, Mitch mounted an argument for the use of archival research in poetic practice, composed a suite of non-fiction poems, and also researched poetry written by parliamentarians. His preferences tend towards the visual, and he’s interested in understanding how drawing and sketching can work as part of a writerly practice, and how visual and textual modes of representation interact.

Depending on the time and place, his favourite poet might be from just about any time or place, so long as they’ve found precisely the words they were looking for, and have used them well and right.

Follow him on twitter @mitchellwel_ch or visit his website www.mitchellwel.ch


Alice is a Melbourne-based poet and student. She is passionate about poetry and literature. She curates a poetry chapbook called A Sharp Knife, a publication with a welcoming and supportive space for the female poetic voice. When not buried under a pile of books, Alice can be found singing and playing guitar in a riot grrl revival band, The Girl Fridas. Follow her on twitter @bambarella or visit thelittlebelle.net


Rachel Tatti is the designer of Ricochet. She is a Bendigo-based artist with a particular interest in fairy-tales, mythology and surrealism. Her work has appeared in Visible Ink.

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