Ricochet Magazine: September Edition

It’s here! The September edition of Ricochet Magazine is now available for download on our literary journal page.

Ricochet Magazine - September Edition - Cover


The September edition features…

On Place, Memory and Melancholy by Corrie Macdonald
After the Harvest by Eric Botts
Nobody Cares | Everybody Understands by Anna Knowles
A Session by Valentina Cano
Heaven by Ryan Favata
Bubble by Linda Brucesmith
You by Ciahnan Darrell
Hurricane by Charles Bane Jr.
Hot Parts of Town | Love for a Regular Night by Colin Dodds
Spanish Enthusiast of Erotica by Jordan Tammens
Remember by Martha Krausz
Alone by Wayne F. Burke
Disposals by Daniel Hedger
The Oldest Profession by Luke Peverelle
Wood by Valentina Cano
Automatic Houses | And Fingerprints Too by Trina Gaynon
Sometimes We Need to Swim by Alexander Drost
The Haze in the Smoke by Cindy Matthews
Grass Valley by Tayne Ephraim
Because Bathrooms Are Where We Talk Ourselves In and Out Of Things by Anna Knowles
Clarice Beckett by Ross Jackson
Cover Story by Sue Zueger
Driving by Dominic Stevenson
Under Your Feet by Darlene P. Campos
The Conduit by Chris Rowley
Musculoskeletal by Atheer Al-Khalfa

Artwork by W. Jack Savage and Weldon Sandusky.


One response to “Ricochet Magazine: September Edition”

  1. Jerry Vilhotti says :

    I noticed my name mentioned. Question: did you accept my work or was it rejected? Thank you.

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