Freelancing? Where to Pitch


In case you haven’t heard of it, Pitch, Bitch! is a brilliant new initiative that encourages young female writers to pitch their work for publication.

It was established as a community for female writers who may feel inadequate about their writing prowess, in comparison to male peers who, anecdotally at least, aren’t as discouraged by rejection. The first Wednesday of every month has been designated Pitch, Bitch day, and those who participate can use the #pitchbitch hashtag on Twitter to post about their achievements.

The great thing about the Pitch, Bitch! Tumblr is that it’s a stellar resource for all fledgling freelancers, not just those of the female persuasion. It’s full of interviews with editors, successful pitch examples and advice articles about how not to pitch and how to respond to criticism.

With all that on hand, it can still be hard to know where to send your pitch, particularly when you want to get paid and there are so many not-for-profit and volunteer-based publications out there. Who Pays Writers in Australia? is a good place to start – writers anonymously post pay rates for popular commercial websites and print publications, and there are notes of caution about late payers and tricksy organisations, so you can tread in knowing what to expect. It’s a few years old but the Emerging Writers’ Festival also has a list of pay rates for various magazines and websites.

In honour of tomorrow’s #pitchbitch day, we’ve put together a list of publications that do pay, and a breakdown of the subjects they are interested in (some were hard to pigeonhole, so they’ve been slotted into several categories).

This is by no means an exhaustive catalogue, so if you see any glaring omissions please let us know in the comments. But if you’ve got an idea you think slots into one of the categories, give it a try. Send them your pitch!

Opinion (Business, Culture, Arts, Politics)

The Drum
The Age
The New Daily
The Monthly
New Matilda
The Guardian
The Saturday Paper
The Australian
Smith Journal

Film, Television and General Pop Culture

Pedestrian TV
The Vine
Inside Film
Kill Your Darlings
The Lifted Brow

Literary Criticism/Book Reviews/Writing

Kill Your Darlings
The Lifted Brow
Bookseller & Publisher
Australian Book Review
Sydney Review of Books
Melbourne Review
Writers Bloc


Beat Magazine
Rolling Stone Australia
The Thousands


Concrete Playground
The Thousands


Voyager Magazine
Get Up & Go

Fashion and Beauty

Frankie Magazine
Vogue Australia
Elle Australia
Harpers Bazaar
Yen Magazine


Dumbo Feather


The Hoopla
Bitch Magazine

Gender and Sexuality

Archer Magazine

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