Writers’ Resources: Twitter

I pretty much fail as badly as Stephen King when it comes to posting personal updates on Twitter.

But I’m still glued to my feed on and off all day, because a) I have some kind of internet addiction disorder, let’s be honest here, and b) it keeps me incredibly up-to-date with other writers, the publishing industry, competitions and job opportunities. 

To that end, here are a few of my favourite handles:

Writers Victoria 

It’s a great idea to follow the writers’ group in your state because their posts will be more relevant to your interests, but Writers Victoria are worth following regardless of your postcode. They post daily updates about Australia-wide publishing opportunities, grants, job openings and writing competitions. Follow them and you should have a general understanding of what’s happening in the industry on any given day.

The Wheeler Centre

Again, this is a goody if you live in Victoria. The Wheeler Centre, the world’s first centre dedicated to literature and writing, hosts author events, debates, book launches and skill-building seminars throughout the year. Their Twitter feed largely focuses on updates about these sessions, but they also link to blog posts about everything from writing your first book to winning literary prizes.

Pay the Writers

This Twitter is maintained by a rotating group of Australian arts workers and writers. Their posts concern the politics surrounding earning an income from writing. Their goal is to change the conversation about arts writing and to emphasise its monetary value. Definitely worth following in order to inform yourself about your rights as a writer.

Emerging Writers Festival

There are so many fantastic writers’ festivals in Australia, and I can’t possible name them all; however, the Emerging Writers Festival is targeted specifically at aspiring writers, and their tweets reflect that. They promote submissions opportunities with small literary journals, competitions, writing courses and of course opportunities within their own festival. Again, a great one to follow to keep up-to-date with the industry.

Express Media

Express Media is the peak organisation for young writers in Australia. Their feed contains information about development opportunities, workshops, awards and grants. A must for new writers hoping to establish a toehold in the arts. 

Joanna Penn 

Joanna Penn is a genre author who shares writing, publishing and book marketing tips on her blog, which is a great resource on its own and has won a bunch of online awards. She links to her articles on Twitter, but she also posts other useful (and varied) articles from around the web, like ‘Unlocking creative confidence’ and ‘How much can indie authors make?’

Writers Bloc

Writers Bloc is quickly growing into a comprehensive resource for writers and editors. Their upcoming website will allow writers to anonymously workshop their writing and editors to anonymously critique said writing, which will undoubtedly prove popular among both camps.

Their Twitter currently links to advice from other emerging writers, endlessly entertaining articles about writers’ other jobs (read Meg Mundell’s piece about being the world’s worst children’s fairy, seriously) and literary magazine reviews. They also interview industry insiders like Connor Tomas O’Brien, co-director of last week’s Digital Writers Festival, and publishers like Robert Skinner, editor of The Canary Press, which is incredibly useful if you want to get a feel for how these organisations operate.

Pedestrian Jobs

If you’re looking for a freelance writing or editing gig, Pedestrian Jobs is a good place to start. They do list a very high number of unpaid arts jobs and internships on their website (listings are free, so this was inevitable), but fortunately these are filtered out of their Twitter feed. 

I would also keep up with #artsjobs and #artsopps for local and international job listings, because it’s very easy to miss these opportunities through other channels. Organisations often don’t even bother advertising anywhere else (which could be really great for you!)

About Emily Tatti

Emily Tatti is a Melbourne based writer and editor. She is passionate about creating publishing opportunities for emerging writers.

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