Flashback Submissions Reopen for One Week!

Great news, guys! We’re reopening submissions to our Flashback edition for ONE WEEK!

Snoopy Dance

From this Sunday August 18 to Sunday August 25 we will be reopen for short fiction, visual art and film/literary commentary based on the theme FLASHBACK.

We are particularly hungry for visual art, so if you know any artists or photographers who might be interested in our zine, give them a shout out. (Psst – they might even end up on our cover). We’re happy to say we have been swamped by poetry submissions, so we will not be accepting any further poetry for this issue.

Treat the theme as broadly as you’d like. Hearken back to a bygone era, or reflect on a moment in the immediate past. We’re looking for work full of beauty, nostalgia, awe, hope and courage – and if its your best work but it doesn’t necessarily fit the theme, well, we might be willing to look the other way.

To those of you who have already submitted work, don’t worry, this has no bearing on your pieces. You’ll be hearing from us shortly.

To submit, read our past submissions guidelines, or send your work to ricochetmag@hotmail.com.

Pass it on!


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