Ricochet – The Flashback Edition – Open for Submissions

Submissions Open


Think decadence and bright lights; desperation, a world on the cusp of war; Casablanca; the haze of cigarette smoke; one small step for man; James Dean; world peace vs agent orange; mini-skirts and bitchin’ rides; bad hair and garage bands; backyard cricket, daggy jeans; sprinklers whirring all summer long. 

Pick any era and make it your own. 

We’re looking for short fiction (up to 3000 words), flash fiction, memoir, poetry, photography and visual art to fit the theme FLASHBACK.

Feel free to be as creative and experimental as you like!

For the first time, we’ll also be accepting columns and reviews based around the theme. If you’d like to send us commentary, or reviews about films, books or television shows set (but not necessarily written, although that’s fine too) in another time, we would be happy to consider them. If you’re unsure about a topic, feel free to send us a pitch outlining your idea and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible with our feedback. 

The deadline is Wednesday July 31st, 2013. Please send your submissions to ricochetmag@hotmail.com.

Visit our submissions page for full details.


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