Call outs and some news

Well I hope you writerly types are busy putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, as the case may be. I don’t know about you guys, but writing anything coherent on paper has long become a lost art for me. My attempts to fill the pages of pretty new notebooks always fail miserably, and they sit, fresh and untouched on my bookcase, while my computer desktop is a hotchpotch of document folders and Word files. Oh the pitfalls of the modern age).

Onto the important stuff, there are several interesting deadlines looming in the not so distant future…

Going Down Swinging are asking for poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, flash, comic art, haiku and haiga, and both live and produced spoken word recordings for their special 30th anniversary addition. Submissions are open until March 31st, so get on it.

Dot Dot Dash are asking for science fiction and speculative fiction with the theme Antimatter until April 30th.

The University of Western Australia’s literary publication The Westerly is looking for fiction, poetry and articles for its July edition until March 31st.

Etchings are looking to celebrate the feminine by asking for literary and art contributions based around all things la femme up until April 15th.

Online quarterly journal Seven Letter Words are asking for themed submissions (said theme: majesty) until April 15th.

And the Voiceworks crew are asking for submissions for their Winter issue with the theme Birthmarks. Submissions close April 4th.

Retort Magazine are also looking for edgy new writers to contribute criticism, commentary and features. Head on over to their site if you want to get involved.

And if you’re out Melbourne way, check out the new Wheeler Centre, home to many a key literary group, including the Victorian Writer’s Centre, the Emerging Writer’s Festival and Express Media. Their fantastic programme features talks by established and emerging writers, lectures and readings. A great place to network with likeminded individuals.

And that’s me for now. Watch this space for future updates.


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2 responses to “Call outs and some news”

  1. Mark Welker says :

    Thanks for the reminders, is very helpful and not enough people do these kinds of summaries for Australian journals/mags. Oh and as for notebooks, if you treat them badly enough (write outside the lines, doodle etc) after a while they lose their sense of grace and are much easier to ‘filth’ up.

    The best way I found was to use my notebooks as half as a diary and half as a first draft vessel. Diaries, I feel, are almost impossible to write accurately (ie without self editing) on a computer. And writing on the nice creamy paper of a moleskin doesn’t hurt.


    • ricochetmag says :

      No worries, Mark, and thanks for the tip. I think I am far too dependent on the handiness of being able to self-edit. Must train myself back out of it.

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